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Pars Azma company is now once again proud that it has succeeded in receiving the approval of the partner of the respected standard organization regarding the test of double or multi-pane glass and in this regard it is also at the service of the respected laboratories of the manufacturers of double and multi-pane glass. .

Pars Azma company was the first manufacturer of laboratory equipment in Iran.

who succeeded in receiving the international certificate

ISO 9001 came from England and currently has a significant number of national and international certificates.
It is
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Do Pars Azma devices need installation and training?
Answer: The device manual and its contents are very complete and comprehensive and can be easily used by the operator, and if needed, experts are available to provide services by phone and in special cases in person.
What is the cost of transporting devices?

Answer: It is as agreed by the parties.

Is it possible to change internal, external dimensions, temperature, etc.?
Answer: This possibility exists in all devices due to self-sufficiency in production.
How long is the warranty and after-sales service?

Answer: We are by your side with one year warranty and ten years after-sales service.

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